Vienna Shutters

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Vienna Shutters

Vienna shutters are the best option if you need waterproof and hardwearing shutters.

Vienna shutters are made from ABS and are completely waterproof. This material is also used to produce kettles and crash helmets, so is much tougher and more stable than PVC. Vienna shutters are the best option for bathrooms and high traffic areas like kitchens.

Our Vienna shutters can be finished in 6 different painted colours.

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Benefits of Vienna Shutters from Castlefreke Shutters & Blinds

• Timeless Style
Vienna shutters are a timeless and elegant shutter option and look quite similar to Venetian blinds. Unlike other shutter styles, which can be quite large and make a statement, Vienna shutters offer a timeless, elegant, and versatile style suitable for all rooms in the home.

• Waterproof & Long-Lasting
Vienna shutters are made from ABS and are completely waterproof, unlike other wooden shutters which can warp and move over time. This makes them the perfect shutters for damp areas such as bathrooms, shower rooms, utility rooms, and kitchens.

• Range of Colours Available
Here at Castlefreke Shutters & Blinds, our team offers a range of 6 different colours in our Vienna shutters. With a variety of colours and finishes available, we pride ourselves on offering Cork shutters that complement all design styles and interior décor types.

Vienna Shutters FAQ

  • How much do Vienna shutters cost?

    The price of Vienna shutters vary depending on the size and finish you require for your home. For a free quote on our range of Cork shutters and blinds, get in touch with the Castlefreke Shutters & Blinds team today.

  • Do you install Vienna shutters?

    Yes, we offer full installation services on all of our Cork shutters, including our Vienna shutters range.