Kingston Shutters

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Kingston Shutters

Kingston shutters are highly versatile and are a great design feature in any room.

Kingston shutters are made from premium wood frames and premium wooded panels, so they can be a bit more expensive than classic styles. However, they are much more versatile and can be made in pretty much any colour or shape. Kingston shutters are ideal for modern homes looking to incorporate shutters.

Our Kingston shutters ae available in coloured finishes from bright whites to dark greys and blacks. There are 39 standard finishes and custom colours available too.

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Why Choose Kingston Shutters From Castlefreke Shutters & Blinds?

• Range of Finishes Available
One of the main benefits of Kingston shutters is the sheer amount of choice and versatility offered. With over 39 standard finishes and a range of custom colours available, Kingston shutters can be tailored to fit any and all interior décor styles.

• Made from Premium Wood Materials
Unlike many shutters that are made from faux wood, Kingston shutters are manufactured from premium solid wood materials and wooded panels for a more durable, strong, and timeless shutter option.

• Luxurious & Elegant
Kingston shutters are some of the most luxurious shutters on the market, offering hardwood materials and beautiful, sleek finishes to complement any room in the home.

Kingston Shutters FAQ

  • What are the best luxurious shutters to buy?

    When it comes to luxury, our Kingston shutters are a perfect choice, offering an expensive and elegant solution that comes in a range of colours and styles.

  • How much do Kingston Shutters cost?

    The price of Kingston shutters vary depending on the finish and size required. For a full list of our prices on all shutters in cork, contact the Castlefreke Shutters & Blinds team today.