Marchwood Shutters

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Marchwood Shutters

Marchwood shutters are similar in style and design to classic shutters and are equally as popular.

Marchwood shutters are made from hardwood panels with MDF frames. These shutters are great all-rounders and are suitable for any room in the house. Marchwood shutters can be made in a variety of styles and used for all kinds of purposes.

Our marchwood shutters can be finished in five different shades of white.

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Benefits of our Cork Marchwood Shutters

• A Timeless Design Choice
Similar to classic shutters, Marchwood Plantation Shutters are a timeless design choice that complement almost any home’s interior décor. Characterised by clean lines and a white finish, these beautiful blinds add instant class and style to any room.

• Strength & Durability Guaranteed
Our Marchwood shutters are made from hardwood panels with MDF frames and designed to fit the size of your window or door frame perfectly. By installing these shutters professionally and manufacturing them from hardwood, strength and durability are guaranteed.

• Range of Finishes Available
For a versatile range of shutters in Cork, look no further than our Marchwood shutter collection. With a variety of finishes suitable and up to five different shades of white available, you can tailor shutters to suit your exact design specifications.

Marchwood Shutters FAQ

  • What do Marchwood shutters look like?

    Marchwood Shutters are a classic shutter design characterised by simple, clean lines that are usually shut using a drawstring. They are fitted to windows to cover the entire diameter of the window.

  • How much does it cost to buy plantation shutters?

    Plantation shutters, such as Marchwood shutters, vary in price depending on the size and finish you require. Get in touch with our team today for a free quote on our range of shutters.