Classic Shutters

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Classic Shutters

Classic shutters, also known as plantation shutters, are extremely popular.

Usually made from faux wood, they are extremely durable and are great for busy households Classic shutters are great for affordability too. Durable and tough, classic shutters are ideal in areas where they may take knocks, such as children’s’ bedrooms or patio doors.

Our classic shutters can be finished in five different shades of white.

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Benefits of our Cork Classic Shutters

• Versatile & Stylish
These shutters are known as “classics” for a reason! Finished in a timeless and elegant style, classic shutters complement all interior décor styles and can be installed in any room in the home, making them a versatile and stylish addition to any property.

• Durable
Classic shutters are made from faux wood, making them a strong and durable shutter solution for any room in the home. These shutters are especially beneficial in kitchens, patios, and bedrooms where high footfall requires a strong shutter solution.

• Cost Effective
Unlike more intricately designed shutter styles, classic shutters often work out cheaper and are a more budget-friendly option than luxurious shutter styles. Our team has a range of classic shutters in all finishes to suit all budgets and price preferences.

Classic Shutters FAQ

  • Where can I find classic shutters for sale near me?

    Castlefreke Shutters & Blinds is a Cork shutter supplier located in Castlefreke, Clonakilty. We sell our shutters and blinds to customers across Cork and the surrounding areas.

  • Do you install classic shutters?

    Yes, we offer full installation services on all of our Cork shutters and blinds.